“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, then there is no use in reading it at all.” ~Oscar Wilde

I’m working my way – quite rapidly I might admit – through Dawn French’s brilliant little book ‘Oh Dear Silvia‘. I’m enchanted by French’s use of a multitude of beautiful, frustrating, wholesome characters! She’s not only a gifted actress and comedian, but a good story teller too. But of course, one would have guessed that really! She IS Dawn French, artsy and dramatic.

If you’re looking for that story that has it all – romance, drama, hate, human error, the crutches we use to survive, twists, faith, goodness and SO much more – then this book is amazing! It’s so easy to connect with some characters, hate others and want to jump into the story with them.

The trick of a good story teller, I find anyway – is to be able to keep their audience coming back for more. The idea that what’s on this page isn’t all there is, that you NEED to come back and find out the next bit because otherwise this first bit isn’t meaty enough anymore!

French does this. Fantastically, she makes you read one chapter and then another and oh, just one more! Two! Three! Damn – the hours have flown past! The insight into characters is great and you just want to get to know them a little more until the bucket is empty and their lives are spilled entirely out for all to see. That’s a good story – where there are no longer secrets between the reader and the characters. You’re entirely a part of the narrative. You’re there.

That’s a good book you could read again someday…



There’s something about chatting with your best friend that can turn an average day into a brilliant one. You can relax and be you – they know who you really are, so there’s no games. You can laugh together, share secrets, tell stories and go deep and you know that the friendship will stay the same. There’s just something comforting knowing that they always have your back…

And the same goes for prayer. Coming to God – at any point during the day – is like that ‘D&M’ with your best friend. Because He IS the best friend! There’s nothing that you can say to God that will make Him any less a part of your life – and I love that. The peace and comfort of knowing that He is steadfast, everlasting and never changing.

He hears everything that I want to say – the good, the bad, the complaints, the praise …He catches the tears and He shares the laughter and there’s not an ounce of condemnation in His listening ears and caring hands.

God is writing my story – my life is an ongoing testament and depiction of His plan and love…and who better to share that with than the Author Himself? Get praying – He’s ready to listen!