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week fourteen – ‘guhhhh’

Ugh. Guh. Blegh.
That about sums up how I feel about this last bit of study…so. Over. It.
Over the assignments.
Over the essays.
Over the conflicting due dates.
Over word counts.
Over referencing.
Over research.
Over typing in my dang username every ten seconds!
Guhhhh – so over it all now!
I am well and truly bordering on the edge of Christmas and holiday brain! Dangerously close to jumping over that line and leaving it all behind…but I won’t! Don’t worry – two or three more weeks of writing and typing and reading stuff & it will have all been worth it πŸ™‚

Amongst all the drudgery that is study at the moment, God has blessed me with a few spare moments to listen to some podcasts, & I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated that. Something that really stood out to me was the pastor saying that you don’t have to fully understand what God is calling you to in life in order to obey immediately. The layout, the path and the instructions can come later, in His timing – but the act of dropping what we think we’re supposed to be doing to follow this call can be done right then and there. Like Elisha in the Bible. When God called him to learn from Elijah and be a witness for God, he left his farming life and went, without really knowing the deal. He just knew God had a plan.

I like this thought a lot, because so often I feel like I hesitate too long and try too hard to weigh it all up in my mind when God calls me to do something. Sometimes it might be to ‘stay’ or it might be to ‘go’ or it might be ‘say this’ or ‘do that’, but instead of obeying, I pause. And I know I have missed opportunities in the past because of this. I guess it’s just an ongoing lesson I learn, and I’ll never be awesome at it, but God won’t stop leading me πŸ™‚

Side note – if anyone is looking for a completely hilarious waste of time, the app ‘bitstrips’ is classic!
Have a beautiful week, be blessed.


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Week thirteen – ‘before me’

You are all around meβ€”in front and in backβ€” and have put your hand on me. (Psalms 139:5 NCV)

This sweet and simple verse has stood out to me today and it’s a verse I plan on keeping in mind for a while. You know the bit that stands out the most? – IN FRONT. In another version, it says ‘before me’. This is incredibly reassuring!! God. Goes. Before. Me…God. Goes. In. Front. Of. Me…GOD has already done it! He has laid the foundations, His plans are in effect and He has conquered whatever I will face as I move forwards. That is such a blessing to my frail, soggy brain. All I have to do is step forward – one foot at a time – and just know that He is stronger than I and has already prepared a path. Such a comfort, to know this as I step into whatever lies ahead. Whatever study, whatever job, whatever place we live in – He has planned it and He has prepared it. He makes all things work together for good and I will see that come to fruition if I just go on…

He is before me. Always. There is such peace in that for me. This is just a short and sweet blog this week…just like my verse πŸ™‚


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Week eleven + twelve – ‘getting there’

So you will have noticed I’m somewhat late in my blog updates…I’m doing two weeks in one! I knew this would happen though…just have been so crazy busy with assignments coming out of my ears, work, family commitments and other things that just randomly appear on my calendar! Sometimes I look at my calendar and I’m like ‘what the…? Where did you come from?!’ Haha never mind though, I’m here now for a quick update and hello πŸ™‚

So last Monday was my learning event. The major assignment for my adult education subject and I did a lesson revolving around Mentoring for the the youth leaders at the church I’m a part of. Have to be honest, I was f-r-eaking OUT prior to it! I don’t like leading peers in things and I’ve never taught anything to adults before either. So this was a huge step up from my science lessons on ants for a reception/1 class that I did on my last placement! But I’m passionate about mentoring – very much so. I truly love it! I love mentoring and being mentored too. I have made some great connections and relationships through it and have seen myself and others grow in awesome ways that were only possible by God’s hand. And the youth pastor had told me that mentoring was now a part of the youth leader’s role description so why not? I think overall though, it went quite well. I was thoroughly thankful afterwards that’s for sure! Everyone participated, gave feedback and seemed to get at least something out of it. I got good feedback about what I could change or address for another time and actually felt good about sharing my passion with them all πŸ™‚

Spent the weeks doing more research for upcoming essays, working and dropping in on people to say hello. On Sunday however we went with my parents and my Dad’s side of the family to a winery for my Gran’s 85th birthday. That was a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, even in the rain! The winery was gorgeous, the food was great and it was awesome to catch up and spend time with family we don’t see all the time. Plus, one of my cousins has just moved back from South Africa and her two older sister recently had baby girls who I got cuddle! So it was a really welcome break from sitting in front of the laptop each and every day.

As much as I’m very ready for the semester to be over, I thank God for this study opportunity and for the provisions He has blessed hubby and I with as we do classes and assignments. I hope that in all this, we are always following His calling for our lives and the path He has laid for us. I hope you are too πŸ™‚

Oh, one more thing before I scoot – here, when the senior year 12 school students graduate, the Schoolies Festival is held in a town on the coast. 1000s of teenagers flock to the town, overrun it with parties, sleepovers, tents and more parties. Encounter Youth is a Christian organisation that sets this festival up and tries to foster safe partying, clean fun and volunteers to assist the new graduates to have a good time. I’ve been a volunteer once before and I’ve signed up again this year. I felt God asking me to step out of my comfort zone in this way, meet some new people and serve along side some old friends to help these teens who have worked hard all year to let loose πŸ™‚ it’ll be one interesting weekend…!