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Week seventeen – ‘friending’

Anybody know the word ‘hoopla’? Heard it before? Know what it means? The dictionary says: hoopla — noun, Informal. Bustling excitement or activity; commotion; hullabaloo; to-do. We’ve employed the word to sort of describe our Friday afternoon get-togethers. Who am I talking about? Fortnightly on Fridays I get together with three young guns at Junktion, the recycle boutique that I volunteer in, for coffee, tea, snacks and discipleship. The three girls I meet with are in their first year out of high school and their first year out of attending youth group at our church, and I wanted to make sure that while they’ve moved on from that period of their lives they are still being fed spiritually. I know that was a gap for me, after school – there was no bridging part and none of my old youth leaders really followed up on me after those years were over.

I didn’t want that for these girls.

I’ve known them all for different lengths of time and in different situations, but they are all beautiful, intelligent, servant-hearted young women and I love spending time with them! We have looked at various different things during the course of this year; talked about everything from God’s plans for their lives, to employment to boys and drunk copious amounts of tea! 🙂 at the moment, we’re working through a four-part series by Craig Groeschel and LifeChurch called Friending…and MAN are we enjoying it! It’s really engaging, fun, informative and Bible based. Plus, it’s super relevant to these girls at this time (not to mention me!) as they adjust to life outside of the structures of school. Relationships and friendships change dramatically after high school, and while we’re looking at this at the end of the year, it’s still super poignant because they are finally at the stage where they’re realising that and feeling that.

I’m so thankful for great resources like this one – things are so accessible these days! High five virtual world! I’m also hugely thankful for all three of those girls. They encourage me more than they know – I am so blessed by their friendship, their willingness to come along and their commitment to furthering their spiritual strength. I don’t claim to know everything – far from it! But I endeavour to create an environment where we can learn from each other and discover what God is calling us to by bouncing off of each other.

I love catching up with these girls on Fridays for FYDH – First Year Discipleship Hoopla! What a bunch of legends.


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Week sixteen- ‘I’m done’

Ladies and germs – for those of you playing at home, I’M DONE!

That’s right folks – I handed in my last assignment on Friday afternoon and as long as no one requires me to resubmit something, this semester is FINISHED and I am officially on summer holidays! If you’ve been reading these posts for the past few weeks you will be well aware that I have struggled through this semester and many a time wanted to yank all my hair out and cluck like a chicken. I felt like I was going insane there for a while…everything was piled in front of me like a huge wall just taunting me and there was no way I was going to get over, under or through it.

But God is a million and one times bigger than any imaginary wall my mind creates. He was always there, in every assignment, in every lecture, in every tutoring session. Guiding me on, willing me to not quit and providing strength, peace and diligence that I knew I didn’t have without Him. In so many situations we say ‘God is with us’ or ‘God is here’, but never really fully appreciate the gravity of that claim or knowledge. We never really understand just how powerful that head knowledge can be and just how true it is of God too. So I want to say that not only do I (even if it is just in a small way) understand a little bit more of what it means to have God by my side in everything at all times, but I appreciate the real sense of peace and confidence that comes with that knowledge. 

The only way that the words formed in my head, flowed out through my fingers and made logical and coherent sense on my laptop screen in every assignment that I did was because of God’s presence. Hands down – because of God. That’s pretty much all there is to it and today, i give Him the glory for that amazing blessing! He has called me to this study, at this time in my life, for a specific reason. Therefore, He has a plan to get me through and He will make that happen in His own way. I am so grateful for His tender care, His steadfastness and His guidance. I am so grateful for the down times I was still able to have and the things that i learnt during this first semester.

I sound like I’m carrying on about it waaaaay too much – but the truth of the matter is: I’m feeling blessed right now by God’s awesomeness, and I’m super psyched for summer holidays because it means CHRISTMAS is upon us! high five!

Don’t think just because i have no study to whinge on about that there won’t be weekly updates – there will be! I committed to a year of this, so we can do at least that 🙂

Many blessings as you step out into a new week in Him…may your heart beat in time with His.


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Week fifteen – ‘nearly there!’

This week’s blog entry consists of two very important words: NEARLY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nearly there
Nearly there
Nearly there
Nearly there
Can’t believe how much of a slog this last semester has been, but the end is nigh!! High 5 virtual world! 🙂
God has and always will be so good to me in my studies. He has brought me through to this point and will carry me through until absolutely everything is handed in and ticked off.
This is about all my brain can hack at the moment, so that’s it folks. Apologies, but that’s it.
Nearly there!!