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Week twenty seven – ‘feeling the love’


Today I learnt a valuable lesson.

I am loved

Seems like a silly thing to learn, right? Like – why didn’t I already know that? I have friends, I have family – I’m married for goodness sake! But what I mean is – I. Am. Loved. Loved. LOVED so much more than I ever really stop to think about or be grateful for.

In our society, the word love can mean just about whatever we want it to mean.

I love those jeans!

I love chocolate pie!

I love you!

I love the colour red!

I love to travel!

Love has such a huge definition that the real meaning and origin of it is kind of lost on me sometimes. I forget about it and I gloss over it like it isn’t as important as it really, truly is. And I far too often forget who the creator of love is. Real love. Who created it and who IS love.


I forget that He loves me at all times, unconditionally and because He made me. I forget that His Word is filled with examples, lessons, demonstrations and truths of His love. I forget that He has placed certain people in my life to demonstrate human love too and I often find myself wallowing in the depths of loneliness and isolation for no other reason that I lose sight of God’s true love for me. If I only took 5 minutes to stop, pause and look at God’s word I would see his love clearly displayed and if would just reach out in some small way to those in my life who love me, I would see that clear as day too.

So today I say thank you to those in my life who love me and I say thank you to the Almighty Creator for first being love and for loving me in so many different ways.

I hope you feel loved today too!

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Week twenty six – ‘halfway!’


We’re halfway through this 52 week challenge!

Insane in the membrane! Cray cray! I’m struggling to believe I’m halfway through this challenge…mind you, with going part time with study this year, technically that draws out my one year of TESOL into 18 months. We’ll see how we go with this challenge then…

Anyway, I started a new job this past week! Hazzar! Two days a week as youth worker in my church family! Pretty keen! Myself, the other youth worker and the youth pastor spent some time discussing the vision for this year and I gotta say, I’m pretty excited to see how God will shape and work in amongst the youth leaders and the youth. SO much can happen when He is at the heart of everything we do! Friday night and all day yesterday we all spent time together discussing, planning, praying and worshipping as a youth leader team with John 17:1-26.

In this passage we see a real glimpse of Jesus’ heartbeat and what He is passionate about; His love for His disciples, His followers, His people and this world…and it speaks such truth into our lives as youth leaders as we serve the young people in our church family and local community. It’s definitely worth a read 🙂

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Week twenty five – ‘health’


So this is a brief post to bring praise, honour and thanks to the Most High Creator…

today was the first day in several weeks that I have felt very very close to 100% well again…!

Praise The Lord! It’s been a bit of a battle – a small one mind you – for the last few weeks, but enough of a battle that I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. But today, even though the outside was ablaze with the Australian summer sun, I felt very close to my old self. This progress is entirely thanks to the Holy Healer in my life. There’s no other way because I’m not going to the doctor until Wednesday this week (yes I finally heeded my ever-patient and persistent husband’s advice and booked myself in – better late than never I guess…!)

So yes. A simple yet I-can’t-thank-you-enough thank you and praise moment is basically all this blog contains.
God is good! Even in my illness, I was able to draw near to Him and found several comforting verses that have been my stronghold. I have revamped my blog, cut back on unclean eating and slowed down my incessant time-keeping schedule in order to seek His healing hand.

Again I say – thank you God. Continue Your healing work in me!

brain farts

Word for the year…


I decided that this new year needed a word focus. This is my first time doing this for myself personally. I’ve done it before with a group of people, but I wanted to give myself a challenging goal to stretch myself and push myself deeper into the arms of the Creator. So deciding on a word to help define this year was a way of doing that – and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t hard. I didn’t take myself off on a five day hiking trip, camp in some mountainous range; sleeping under the stars while living off the land – just me and God, roughing it. I didn’t shut all the blinds, turn off all the appliances and unplug all my communications to the outside world. I didn’t fast from fructose, dairy (though I’m doing that one for health reasons anyway…so does that count, actually?) and glutinous snack foods. I was simply reading a blog online by another Christian woman who had chosen a word for her new year too and it stood out to me as one way of challenging myself in my journey with Jesus.

Next came physically choosing this word…which I thought might be tougher seeing as the English language consists of approximately 1,013,913 words…where to start?! I guess you could probably cut out words like ‘toilet’, ‘elephant’ and ‘folklore’ – but then I guess who’s to say those words don’t mean something far more profound to you then they do to me, right?

Anyway – one thing I definitely knew about 2014 was that I wanted to saturate myself way more in Jesus. I wanted to know Him much better than I ever have before. I knew I wanted to get more into the Word, into my prayer life, into ministry, into fellowship and into quiet times just with Him. So how did I sum all that up in just 1 out of 1,013,913 English


Le dictionary says: crave – great or eager desire; yearning.
It also says: to long for; want greatly; desire eagerly.
…to require; need.
…to ask earnestly for (something).

‘Crave’ basically sums up everything I want to do this year in terms of furthering my faith in the One who made me. So after I’d settled on this word, I searched for a few verses – 5 to be exact – that demonstrated this word (or a synonym thereof). These will be my go-to verses, my reminders, my points of reference as I seek to delve deeper into my relationship with God.

I have no doubt I’ll fail at some point over the course of this year – probably several points, really. It won’t be easy because I’ll get tired, I’ll get frustrated; there’ll be busy times and I’ll probably be sick on occasion too. But that’s why the verses are anchors for this goal of mine. They can draw me back to what I want to achieve and more importantly, draw me away from myself and closer to Him who strengthens me and lifts me up with His right hand.

Very keen to see where this word for the year might head…!

-> Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness—they will be filled. Matthew 5:6

-> My soul aches from craving Your wise rulings day and night. Psalm 119:20

-> At night I long for You with all that is in Me. When morning comes, I seek You with all my heart. Isaiah 26:9a

-> O True God, You are my God, the One whom I trust. I seek You with every fiber of my being. In this dry and weary land with no water in sight, my soul is dry and longs for You. My body aches for You, for Your presence. Psalm 63:1

-> Jesus: I am the bread that gives life. If you come to My table and eat, you will never go hungry. Believe in Me, and you will never go thirsty. John 6:35

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Week twenty four – ‘Happy New Year’

So I tried something different this week with my blog updates…and I think I’ll continue it for the second half of this 52 week journey. If I have a thought or what I like to call a ‘brain fart’ I’m just going to write it up! And it’ll be a part of my other blog collection 🙂 so feel free to read them too…they’ll be a bit different to these weekly update ones.

So –


I hope that you’ve all enjoyed this festive season and celebrated new things well!!!! I look forward to seeing what this new year holds…so many unknowns and so many unplanned adventures can happen! I’m excited – hope you are too.


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Diary of a pessimist

Is the glass half full…or is it half empty? Sometimes I thinks it’s half full, but let’s be honest – I’m pretty sure I think it’s half empty most of the time. I’m a pessimist. I’m a negative person. I unconsciously look for the bad in things before I look for the best. I’m no athlete but if jumping to conclusions was an Olympic sport, there’d never be any need to for them to hold qualifying heats to choose athletes to compete for the title – they could just straight up hand it to me. Jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst should be on my business cards as special talents. If I had business cards.

Think I’m over exaggerating? Let me showcase these ‘special talents’ for you by describing a moment I had today. I share a house with one other person. A boy. A man if you will. A very attractive man. This very attractive man had invited his younger brother over to watch a basketball game and go for a driving lesson. Sounds all innocent, doesn’t it? So I step out for an hour or so to run some errands and when I get home, I find 3 conclusions waiting for me to jump to:
1) the front window is still open – meaning Attractive Man didn’t close it when he took Younger Brother for a drive.
2) Attractive Man’s phone is still in the house – meaning he didn’t take it with him and
3) there is a dirty saucepan on the stove as if Attractive Man and Younger Brother had just had lunch together – meaning they ate without me.

These immediate assumptions of the worst about Attractive Man were beckoning me from their cold and calculating corners and I was powerless to resist! Ok. Not entirely true. I took a huge and powerful running leap to those conclusions without even checking any kind of facts out…like for example, was the saucepan even remotely warm? Had the stove even been turned ON yet? If I had taken just a moment of my time to check that before sending Attractive Man into the naughty corner (not a euphemism, I promise!), I might have saved myself an elevated blood pressure reading as well as a red face – literately and figuratively.

Turns out, before I could deliver my nasty and completely unjustified explosion towards the two fellas, I found out they’d actually held off on having lunch so that I could have some too…….and that saucepan? Yeh, it had been there for two days already. I’d forgotten to wash it. Do’h!!

But wait! What about the window and the phone, you may ask…Attractive Man didn’t know the window was OPEN because I was the one who opened it (typical me) and he’d simply forgotten his phone. Momentary brain lapse.

So there you have it folks! My negative nature showing up to bite me in the butt…actually, I think it’s probably more of a lesson from Someone who knew I needed to learn it and learn it the hard way. The hard way whereby my face is the red one and I’m the one totally in the wrong. Interesting methods…and I’d like to say it worked…but I guess we’ll see! And that’s the good thing about this Someone – there are endless opportunities to try again next time and get it right. No giving up allowed.

Side note: Attractive Man is my husband. I’m not some creepy stalker…don’t YOU go jumping to conclusions now…!

6 time Jumping To Conclusions gold medal winner – out.