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The Middle East


The Middle East.
Where it all began.
Where dust was brought to life.
Where Creator and creation were in perfect harmony.

The Middle East.
Where dust rebelled and drew a divide.
Where angst, hatred and pain came between.

Where the chasm grew and the divide deepened
Where the dust longed for something more…

The Middle East.
The Creator saw the longing and He heard the cries.
He had the Solution to draw the creation back to Himself.

The Solution came in the tears of a baby.
He came to fill the gap, heal the broken and restore what was.

The Middle East.
Is in dire need of the same Presence.
The chasm has widened and the pain increased.

Death roams the lands, hungry and dark, searching and devouring…
Creation cries out, creation fights against itself and against the Enemy

In the Middle East…
…the war has already been won.
The Conqueror has already staked His claim.
The pain, fear and death has already been wiped clean…creation, have faith in your Creator…
He. Has. Won.



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brain farts

Turning fear over

Let me ask you…do you ever feel afraid? Do you ever feel nervous? Do you ever get that churning sensation in the pit of your stomach when you know there’s something coming that you’re anxious about? Now think – do you ever confuse these feelings of anxiety, fear and nervousness with feelings of excitement and expectant anticipation? You know, when you think you’re terrified of something, but in reality, you’re just really excited about it because it’s new or interesting or an adventure??

This is how I feel right now! There seems to be a constant cloud in my head, filled with images of


me not being good enough



people judging me on my performance

And on top of this, is the knowledge that these next few months are going to be very full! So add the cloud to an almost overflowing bucket of ‘to-dos’ and what do you get? This poster in every room of my house!


I’m joking, of course – but that’s what it feels like sometimes. Often the overwhelming sense of ‘unknowns’ – whatever they may be – can take over and block out the view of the sun…or should I say, Son? (See what I did there? Yeh, clever…) it was only just in the last little while – and I mean that literally, as in hours – that it dawned on me…

Through Christ I can do anything…

In a very real way.
And on top of that?

He is able.

So. What does that mean for me? Well, my to-do list isn’t shrinking. However, my ‘mind cloud’ (yep, it’s a thing) can be altered to better complement my to-do list. Each of those fears, anxieties or nerves can be partnered up with a different feeling. Excitement. Anticipation. Peace. I might not feel great all the time, but if I bring each of those feelings to the feet of my Infinite Helper, He has the power to use them for good and change them so that I can be who I have been created to be.

Yes, I still have to get up in front of a class of fresh faced students next week and attempt to deliver a vocab lesson while my mentor teacher assess me – but the anxiety I feel can be cast over to the One who has the power to use me as an effective educator in their lives…even if it’s just for a moment.

Are you feeling anxious, fearful or nervous about something? Bring it to your Father and ask Him to transform it into something more useful…He will 🙂


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Life in youth ministry

Learning to laugh

A few weeks ago, I wrapped up a 52 week blog project and since then I’ve been searching for something new to write about that strengthens my writing skills but still offers a platform to share where I’m at on a semi-regular basis…that was a bit of a mouthful, but I think I’ve got there!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m employed as a youth worker in my church family 2 days a week. I’ve been in the job just over 6 months now & I think I can safely say that I LOVE it! There’s something truly special about working with young people; to see them as a generation and as individuals connect with God’s Story. I have the privilege of seeing them grow in their faith, develop lasting relationships with peers and gain a better understanding of their part to play in God’s kingdom. It’s a pretty amazing and fulfilling job, even if it is exhausting! 😉

So I thought perhaps this would be a cool space to write musings, thoughts, lessons and experiences surrounding my time as a youth worker – to inform and encourage and truly acknowledge that I am so blessed to have this amazing job opportunity! My first post is learning to laugh…and I mean this in the sense that I’m learning to laugh at myself.

Are you like me? Do crowds make you nervous? Does speaking in front of others get you all jelly-like? Does saying the wrong thing or tripping up or getting an answer incorrect make the pit of your stomach feel like it’s full of lead? Yeh…welcome to my life. And when you work with young people, this doesn’t always partner up so well. So I’m in the process of handing over those feelings of inadequacy and awkwardness to God and exchanging them for joy and laughter. I’m learning to laugh at my own mistakes, at my own failings, at my own blunders. I’m learning to be more light-hearted, smile and enjoy what’s going on around me rather than focusing on what I feel I’ve done wrong. And I get things wrong a lot…but it’s not the end of the world! The kids I get to hang out with are a great example of laughing and being full of life…maybe they have just as much of an impact on me as I do on them! 🙂

This influence comes with incredible responsibility on my part, though. There are so many things vying for the attention of these young guns in the world, and so many things that bombard them with different ideals and images. But I count it a true privilege to be a part of the resistance. To be a part of those working to express love – God’s love – to each one I get to work with. They are worth more than sparrows in His eyes and regardless of what the world is telling them, they are important to their Creator.


I hope you feel just some of the passion I feel for this next generation. For their struggles, their rights, their desires and their growth. I am learning so much by being a part of this and I hope what I share will enlighten you and hopefully, bring a smile to your face too!