brain farts

In the quiet

It’s time to smash out a new blog post!

Do you ever find yourself in a place where, suddenly – aaaaaall the things you’ve been preoccupied with and busy running around like a headless chicken doing have come to an abrupt but peaceful halt. You sit on the couch. The sun shines through the window. A bird chirps.

Now what…?

This is me right now. In this moment. Legit. I’m sitting here, knowing that the calendar kicks back into gear in a matter of hours, but in this moment there is just peace and stillness. It’s times like this that I feel the need to write something. I feel the need to make more headway in my creative pieces – to write some cards or letters – to type up a blog post or a to-do list. Or even write in my diary! I know, outrageous right? During the busy times, I often let a lot of important things slip off my radar in favour of what I feel are more important activities. Unfortunately, this extends to my quiet time with God and my personal reflections…


How is it that I have elevated everything that I have to do over what it means to be with God in every moment? I often find this frustrating about the way I operate. The moments of stillness and quietness dwindle more often than I’d like and I find myself running to a clock, to a schedule, to a to-do list. If there’s time in my day, I’ll read a devo. If there’s time in my day, I’ll write in my prayer journal or my diary. And it gets to moments like this where I realise all this in hindsight.

Getting things done is crazy-important, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for not being a lazy sloth every hour of every day – that’s not ‘quietness and stillness with God’ at all. However, there has to be a marriage between doing and being…and I have yet to work that out! It’s a learning process, right? 🙂 and today, I make another step towards fitting those two elements together to work more cohesively so that everything I am doing is because I am being who I am meant to be, for God.

How do you go at making sure you’re still having time with God in the small, quiet moments of each day?