baby J



In light of the recent celebrations surrounding Mother’s Day, I felt like I wanted to read through a handful of blogs and articles and posts from other mamas about things they’re learning or have experienced while on their own motherhood journey. While I was reading these, I was touched and inspired; I laughed and I related to their stories. Then I thought, what’s my story…in this moment, in this space, in this month of 2017?

It’s this –

There are myriad of things that I could write about to express what I’ve discovered about motherhood, myself, my relationships and my life since I became a parent…but what about this?

What about the fact that I have learnt to fully love The Wiggles? Like – I mean l o v e them! I would put that CD on all day if I could! “Do the propeller, do the propeller…!”

What about the fact that kid clothes shopping is quite literally a trap and I have to consciously tell myself that my daughter does not need anything more! But it’s all so cute! Waaahh! Why doesn’t that little jacket come in adult sizes?!

What about the fact that I can actually live off half-eaten pieces of cheese and pretzels, some leftover grapes and room temp coffee for lunch? Sometimes I get the tail end of a boiled egg too – talk about spoilt!

What about the fact that I now pay a ridiculously close amount of attention to trucks, motorbikes, busses and trains so that I can participate in the excitement that Little E shows when we come across any one of them? It’s the highlight of any outing!

What about the fact that my love of stationary is showing up in my daughter and we now spend quite some time immersed in notebooks, pencil cases, crayon boxes and sticker sheets and I sort of feel like I’m in heaven! *sigh* YES!

What about the fact that, for someone who will almost never bust a move in a public setting, I now end up (quite happily too I might add) dancing around the house to various tunes and copying the steps of a 1-and-a-bit year old…not a day goes by where I’m not being told to get up and dance!

What about the fact that I love seeing our Little E getting know each of her Titas and Titos in different ways? Music, song, games, food…the connections that I get to witness are pretty special and it’s interesting to see a part of yourself experiencing things afresh through this mini person.

So I guess what I’m saying is that while I’ve learnt some serious, important, self-discovery things on this short parenthood path, I have also learnt some fun, random stuff that just makes each day bright with giggles and memories!