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First Aid.
Two little words can bring such an uncofmortable sense of fear to a person’s mind, am I right? The very thought of having someone near me need First Aid is terrifying, let alone it be MY responsibility to administer it! *instert the emoji with his hands on his cheeks*

I’ve always done the minimum requirement for First Aid training for my jobs – you know the one where you turn up for a slog of a day, wrap a couple of bandages in a way you’ll never ever remember, practice CPR on a creepy dummy (while consistently screwing up how many breathes to pumps and which beat you’re meant to be doing it too) and try to distinguish between the different techniques for treating different kinds of bites. Pass me a coffee. I’m tired already.

So when my Little E started to get her move on – swinging from light fixtures and hanging off the backs of chairs – (ok, not quite that drastic, but she was definitely not a sweet pile of baby just plonked on the carpet anymore!) I decided that I should know a little more about how to help her should she get herself into strife. I was at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s expo this year and wandered past the Tiny Hearts First Aid stand and its nurses dressed in pink and I was instantly a fan. They were cute. They were sweet. They were friendly. They were professional. They were knowledgeable. I was in. I signed up for a course in July and last Sunday, I did it.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, other than First Aid that was specific to children and babies…but man I wasn’t ready to be engaged as well! Ha! Imagine, learning how to potentially save a life and actually enjoying it! Shiverrrrssss……

Anyway, massive props to Rachel (who happened to be one of the founders of Tiny Hearts) who delivered our course – she was so knowledgeable about First Aid I wondered whether she just lived, breathed and ate her job! She was also friendly, well-paced and answered any question – no matter how silly it might have felt to ask it – from us parents and parents-to-be and grandparents. What a gem! I could not recommend the course enough afterwards either! I felt truly equipped to jump in and help my Little E should the need ever arise (hopefully not!). They also have the only nationally recognised paediatric First Aid kit available which is on my list to keep at home.

first aid kit

If you have kids anywhere in your life, I would so so encourage you to jump into a Tiny Hearts First Aid sesh and skill yourself up…you could save a life.


save a life

(images courtesy of the Tiny Hearts Facebook page – hit it up!)

*new blog series*

Week fifty – ‘a recent discovery’


Those who know me well, know that I am not a big baby person. I don’t much care for the strange alien-look that newborns have…the spit up that 3 month olds deliver…the constant nappy changes…the early mornings associated with crying…the clingyness of the tiny human…the inability to communicate with a little person who has no words……among other things…..

And I am acutely aware I sound like a truly horrible human being right now with a dark heart!

Don’t get me wrong, I see the flaws with how I see babies…I’m not totally unfeeling! However, I’ve just never been into cuddling them or making ‘mooshy’ noises at them in gaga speak……………………..

Until now.

A discovery has been made – a wall inside my heart has begun to crumble and light is filtering into a well-hidden area of my soul. God is at work, softening what I have hardened over the years and boy is He doing a good job! Something is starting to give – albeit, slowly – and I’m discovering… I don’t mind babies so much.

I think I can pinpoint the start of God’s transformation of my heart too. A good friend of mine recently had a baby and seeing her and her husband with the little fella just makes me smile…and when the little fella smiles at me there’s a flicker of desire deep inside that God is fanning. They have been an amazing example of first-time parents…and have such encouraging words to share, that I can’t help but step back from my ‘anti-baby’ former self and scrutinise this new ‘maybe-I-want-kids-soon’ person 🙂

So there you have it. A pretty big confession on my part; a pretty big discovery has been made and while I am in no way fully ‘there’ yet – the road is laid out already, God is there, my hubby is there, friends and family are there and if kids is something that lies ahead for us…I’ll know that God was at work in the now to get me to the there.

Is your heart hardened against something? Is God softening it?