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Week six – ‘coffee, sweet treats and recycled goods’

I know I know – I’m a couple of days late in this blog entry! My bad…got caught up in homework and Father’s Day and eating delicious home made goodies!

So a couple of things to report on from this past week. I want to ‘introduce’ you first off to my tutoring student. I’ve had several meetings with him now, we get together on Monday mornings for a couple of hours and basically my job is to get to know him and his needs/wants in terms of English language and offer help. He’s a Masters of Divinity student at the same college I’m at, but is a Korean national. He and his wife and 2 kids live here while he studies and works.

He’s such a friendly, smart guy and his English is pretty well top-notch! We look over his assignment requirements, look at specific instructions, define words and look at certain texts a bit more in depth. In that, I try to explain anything he doesn’t quite understand (as much as I can!) and also check over any assignments he wants me to. It’s really a fun task! He makes this assignment of mine – yes, it’s a requirement for me to meet with him as per my own studies – much more interesting and enjoyable! I just hope I’m being useful to him too.

Now lend me your ear, because I want to rave for a moment! One of my most favourite parts of each week is getting along to Junktion. What on earth am I on about, you ask? (I don’t care if you didn’t ask, imma tell you anyway!) 🙂

Junktion is a not-for-profit recycled goods shop – complete with coffee, tea and sweet treats for sale – that I volunteer in. It’s an initiative set up by Youth Ministries Australia (who I just happened to do my internship through and love the vision of!) that is located in the office next door. Trav, the YMA National Leader works out of the office and his wife Pixi works out of Junktion. It’s such a fun and warm place to work in! Not only do I thoroughly enjoy spending time with Pixi, but the shop itself is awesome. So many cool things come across the counter and so many different people walk through the door – you just never know what a day at Junktion might hold!

I think one of the things that truly resonates with me though, is what lies at the heart of Junktion. To be a light – a friendly, Godly light – in the community. Somewhere for people to meet, hang out, pick up something incredibly awesome for incredibly little $$ and be a part of something bigger than themselves. The shop also functions in a financial way for YMA too, covering the rent for the office and the shop as well as helping to fund different youth and youth leader related events/training run through the office.

Have I raved enough for you yet? I just LOVE being a part of the volunteering team! It truly is a huge highlight of my week 🙂 check Junktion out on Facebook!