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Week eight – ‘I’m a fan’


“Whose gonna call on Sunday morning?
Whose gonna drive you home?
I just want one more chance
To put my arms in fragile hands.”

“We are who we were when
Could’ve been lovers but at least you’re still my day late friend
We are who
We are who we were when
Who knew what we know now
Could’ve been more but at least you’re still my day late friend…”

“Like lipstick traces on pillow cases
Some things in life are unforgettable
Like love, loss, lies and us and woh ohh
Some things in life are undeniable…”

“This is the correlation of salvation and love
(Don’t drop your arms)
Don’t drop your arms, I’ll guard your heart
With quiet words I’ll lead you in…”


So if you haven’t guessed it by now, I saw this band live last week courtesy of three of my close friends and their brilliant birthday gift!! Anberlin have been my favourite band since high school. A friend and her brother introduced me to them one car ride and I haven’t looked back since! I’ve never liked a band so much that has resulted in tshirts and posters and every album and multiple, multiple concerts!! That same friend and I used to work in a bookstore and after hours, when the task of shutting up the store and counting tills loomed, we’d crank the store CD player with Anberlin and have a brilliant 40 minutes! We even went as far as to see them here in Adelaide and then fly out a day or so later to see them in Melbourne! We’re hardcore, original fans! Not only do I adore their music, these boys have such amazing skills when it comes to live performance! The way they work well together, their sounds and the atmosphere they create when they’re with fans is electric!

There’s something magical and ‘larger than life’ about seeing people you’re impressed by doing their thing…which makes me wonder what it would have been like for the Disciples watching and hearing Jesus ‘do His thing’ for crowds upon crowds. We’re they as enthralled, gob smacked and in awe as I was at Anberlin? I’m sure they were more-so! This was the Son of God, the Messiah, the Saviour of Mankind – He had skills and boy were they multiplying! Literally – bread, fish, healings, demons being banished…the guy was on fire! For the Disciples watching this, I can just imagine jaws dropping, hands clasped together and hearts racing. They were seeing The Lord in action and I bet it would have been astonishing and amazing. Nothing could compare to what they were privileged enough to witness during their time with Jesus…they were the original hardcore fans.