*new blog series*

Week seven – ‘K.I.S.S’

I’m a day late again with this blog series…and I don’t really have an excuse this time!
Nonetheless, here’s and entry – but it’ll be a KISSed entry…Keep It Short and Simple 🙂
Not much to report on from the last week. It was just one of those average weeks where not a great deal went down. It was however a busy week, with some definitely cool moments – like hearing hubby, his brother and a cousin rehearsing a song for a birthday coming up (they sound awesome!) and having a ‘Pinterest-Try-It’ night with the girls I mentor…that was pure hilarity and fun!!

Something I learnt this past week? Just because I’m the mentor and the girls I mentor are younger, doesn’t mean the learning, discipleship and encouragement doesn’t go both ways. I am continually touched at the perseverance of those girls – showing up, getting into it, sharing and praying. I am also blown away by their care for me and one another. They prayer, they check in, they encourage and they grow together and I love seeing that. Their hearts for God are big and hungry and it makes me want to be hungrier too!

What makes you hungrier for God?