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Week nine – ‘motivation: where for art thou?’

I don’t know if it’s just me, but has anyone else found that they hit ‘the wall’ in terms of having motivation to do stuff sometimes? And I’m not necessarily talking about anything in particular – though I have definitely neared the end of my tank of study-related motivation! But just ‘stuff’ in general…you know, turning up at things, doing housework, cooking, changing out of pyjamas each day. Stuff. Life. Doing stuff. Being places. Talking. Stuff.

I sometimes get to a point where all I do is whinge. I only have enough in me to let out a whingey gripe or a whiney complaint. I often get to this point after I’ve been doing something repetitive for an extended period of time. In this case – lectures, study and homework. It’s been 8 weeks of work. That’s 2 months. And it’s not quite over yet! I’ve still got to gather up some strength and brain power to forge on for a bit longer…except that I feel a bit like I’m tuning out too early!

A friend recently leant me season 2 of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and while I love that show, I really should have held off on watching it! I’m acting a bit like I don’t have things to do, places to be and people to see. Whoops! Then I justified it saying I used it as background noise or episodes as mini breaks between readings and assignments…but who am I kidding really?! I’m just watching it. 😉

Anyway, as I was saying – I start letting loose with the negative talk. ‘Gosh, they’re so annoying!’ ‘Man, they are a shocking driver!’ ‘I don’t want to go, it’s stupid!’ ‘Why should I?’ ‘I can’t be bothered, I don’t enjoy it.’ ‘No, you are!’ I’m such a teenage drama queen! But it’s when I get to this point that God brings a moment across my path that forces me to chill out.

Today was that day. I dropped hubby at work in the city and had an hour and a bit to kill before a brunch. So, donning my sneakers and opening a LifeChurch podcast, I walked. The sun was out, the birds were friendly, joggers were jogging and dogs were…dogging? It was a beautiful morning for a walk. And the podcast was well timed too! (Cheers, God) Cultivating a culture of Christ-centredness in your family by being a Christ-centred individual. Who better than to draw me out of my motivational-funk than God? I want to live in His Word, in His plan, in His motivation. When I feel empty, there’s a reason for that and the only way to top back up is to head to the wellspring of life, right?

His timing is truly remarkable…I hope and pray that this is just the beginning of a revitalisation of my motivation – and I’m not just talking about study this time!


*new blog series*

The Ukulele

I’m taking a tea break. Chai Green Tea – lovely!
So I thought I’d get in and write a little more to my explanations of this new blog idea of mine. I love writing! And this is brilliant practice as well…I’m not sure what the practice is for, but it’s still practice nonetheless!

Anyway – I had an idea earlier. 52 blog posts. One for each week of my 12 month course. Is that doable? Is that a challenge enough? For me it’s a challenge – I have to come up with things to write about and I have to remember to actually get them down and post them! But I think I can do it – and at the end, I’ll have a great collection of thoughts and ideas and experiences spanning the length of a year, even if it’s just me who reads them later.

Keep me accountable! I want to be able to say “I did that!” someday. I wrote a blog and I stuck to it. I struggle with ‘stick-to-it-iveness’. That’s not a really a thing, but I’ve made it a thing now. I often have grand ideas and desires for things. I might even get as far as starting some of them. And then BAM! All sense of motivation and enthusiasm goes shooting off out the window and my attention is taken up by something else.

Like for example – learning to play the Ukulele. Yes. I have one of those. It’s my Dad’s, but it’s sitting in my study with my folder full of music and chords and finger placement pictures and YouTube video links…it’s a lonely Ukulele these days. I can’t remember the last time I picked it up to practice. But that’s what I’m saying – I got so excited about teaching myself something musical because I have as much musical talent in my whole body as a house plant. I got so pumped when I could remember a couple of chords and actually recognise the tune…and then it was gone. All the excitement and motivation. I’d still LIKE to play it! And I will – one day I’ll pick it up again and keep teaching myself. Hopefully it won’t be a day that’s too far away either.

So that’s why I need to be kept accountable…like for a lot of things in life I suppose. Being kept accountable in my friendships, my mentoring, my study times, my personal devotion times and definitely my marriage. This blog is hardly as important as some of those, but it till requires the occasional tap on the shoulder.

Anyway – that’s what I thought I’d write for today. A babbling of thoughts and ideas from a mind that’s just had a tea infusion! But where to start? So many options, so many avenues to choose from. Bear with me as I choose my themes and narrow down my ideas, but for now………….I think I’ll go and pick up the Ukulele.

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