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Week ten – ‘task orientated’

Hello and a hearty Sunday evening to you 🙂
This past week has consisted of me checking things off on my mental to-do list, and it’s felt like a busy week even though in reality it might not have been. It was technically the last week of the term – hurrah! I got there! But ep there is still lots to do to wrap up the mid-semester assignments…minor research papers, readings and then getting a real start on the lesson development for the upcoming learning event I have to actually DO with real learners. Rather nervous about that one, I will say!

Anyway, this last week I had a mental list of things that had to be done – shopping, essays, meetings, work shifts and housework. Do you ever feel like it’s never ending? Every week, I do the washing and I feel a sense of accomplishment for about forty seconds before the dirty clothes basket refills itself…I don’t know how that happens. Laundry gremlins living in the wardrobes? Then when the bathroom is sparkling and the dish rack is empty and my scented candles are glowing in a corner I smile to myself,turn to make a coffee before starting a uni reading and then turn back and – BAM! Where did that plate come from? How is the sink full again? Yikes!

But being a task-orientated person is who I am, so I get a real sense of satisfaction out of doing housework, handing in assignments and completing readings. I can tick it off, I can see results and I know I’ve been productive. I like that feeling! Anyway, another thing that I felt accomplished and satisfied in was starting a new devotional that I’ve had on the shelf for a while but never got around to reading and cranking my Donald Miller trilogy book, Through painted deserts, Searching for God knows what and Blue like jazz that I have always meant to read, and just never got to. My book list of things to read is never-ending (the way I like it!) and so it never quite made it to the top until just recently. Keened up to read it! I’m trying to really make an effort to get more in God’s Word – making it a priority. I’ve never been very good at that – I have seasons. I have seasons of journaling, of writing non-fiction, of cooking, of craft stuff, of gardening, of working through devotionals. But they always end 😦 and I don’t know why! Maybe I just don’t have a lot of self-control…maybe I just lose interest so quickly in everything I do that I can’t stick to it. Whatever the deal is – it’s got to change! I will be making that change! I’m going to make it a task. On the top of my ‘to-do-daily’ list 🙂 because it’s not like God ever loses interest in me, hey?