brain farts


If you stare at the same place of sky long enough, a plane

will come.

The clouds will part and an aeroplane will glide across the

silky blue heavens, dragging stories from place to place.

You won’t know where it’s going and you won’t know

where it’s been – but for the briefest moment, you

share the same piece of time



“Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger.” Ben Okri

Everybody has a story to tell. Everybody has something to say – whether they’re a writer or not.

But there is always something exhilarating about finding that one accomplished and published author that tells the story just that little bit better.

The mystery or thriller stories that have twists around every corner…soppy romance stories where we cry and want to hug all the characters…comedy – who doesn’t love a good laugh at characters that make us feel better about ourselves? Then there’s non-fiction – biographies, autobiographies and world event recounts. Often the endurance, the mateship and the determination in these true stories spur us on.

The moment I buy or get given a book is magical! I’m old fashioned, see – I like the smell of the paper and binding, the feel of the pages as I turn them, the different cover designs and the knowledge that a new world awaits me. I like anticipating the ability to escape with new friends, battle different enemies; travel to new places and visit different times.

A story, ‘kuwento‘, helps us to connect with each other and also discover more of who we are as individuals. Love it!