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Week forty seven – ‘1 year’

I figured it was time for an actual study update, seeing as that was the whole reason for this new blog series!
So as of about a week or so ago – I AM DONE FOR THE SEMESTER! Which also makes it a year since I began this TESOL adventure! How time flies 🙂

Next semester I have 2 subjects to go and then I can graduate with an actual teaching qualification – something I actually might want to use this time! 🙂 The final 2 things to get through don’t involve lectures – 1 is a reading subject and 1 is a placement in a teaching environment…so I’m super nervous, but they should be good experiences nonetheless and then I’ll be all DONE! High 5

I know we’re not quite at the week 52 mark of this blog series, but it’s been a year since i stepped out of fulltime work and into this study opportunity and I have learnt a few things that I wanted to share on here…

  1. I’m not an A+ student, and I do sometimes get sad when I don’t do quite as well on an assignment as I had hoped I would, but I have learnt how to be much more gracious with receiving feedback and constructive criticism in an effort to better future pieces of work.
  2. I thoroughly dislike reading when it’s not on a topic I’m interested in – and when I say ‘thoroughly’, I mean I’d rather bite down on an onion and chomp away than read another lengthy article about something I have a -0 care factor of.
  3. I actually can work well in a library setting. I was always afraid that in that sort of environment, I’d get distracted and annoyed, but I went a couple of times this last semester and found myself being rather productive!
  4. I truly appreciate the maturity and freedom that comes with post-grad study. There is so much benefit to being at this level of education because there is a lot less teacher-student hierarchy and more relationship and openness.
  5. Studying parttime has been a dream! There was a lot less stress involved, I had a lot more time to devote to the subjects that I was actually focussing on and I wasn’t overwhelmed by the amount of work required. I could deliver my best.
  6. This is where God wants me to be. As much as the season of study can be a truly tedious slog sometimes – especially because my husband and I are both studying – this is the season of life God has placed us in and called us to flourish and be present in. This is where we are at this time in our lives and…

I. Am. Ok. With. That.

So there you have it! A basic update of where I’m at having been in this stage of study for a year so far…future posts to come, especially as I’m not at week 52 yet – but thanks for staying tuned! May you feel God’s peace as you embrace your place today – the season you are in right now is where you are called to be right now, just like me!

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest, but I feel it sums up my study experiences! Coffee and tea and laptops and books…)